Leah M. Mayo, Ph.D.

Leah M. Mayo PhD

As a human behavioral neuroscientist, my goal is to contribute to a mechanistic understanding of stress and affect processing, with a particular interest in how dysregulation of these processes contribute to psychiatric disease.

My work has a strong translational focus, taking findings from preclincial animal research and demonstrating these principles first in healthy humans, then in clinical populations.

I use multifaceted approach to research, combining behavior, pharmacology, psychophysiology, and neuroimaging methods.


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Recent News

Aug 2019

We are VERY excited that our new paper (link, PDF) is out in Biological Psychiatry, demonstrating the beneficial effects of pharmacological inhibition of FAAH to elevate anandamide in healthy humans…one step closer to a new pharmacotherapeutic option for PTSD!

July 2019

Exciting new research lead by colleague Irene Perini has used a simulated online social interaction game to elucidate a neural signature of negative social bias in teenage girls with non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI), recently published in eClinical Medicine (link, PDF, press release)

Feb 2019

I had so much fun writing this perspectives piece for Neurobiology of Stress regarding what we think facial expressions are telling us, particularly in times of heightened stress (link, PDF). There is still so much left to figure out!

October 2018

The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation recently awarded the NARSAD Young Investigator Grants. Read their press release about the awards, as well as one from LiU regarding our funded project! (October 2018)